Plant Instrumentation

We are an independent solution provider, consisting of a team with experiences in various automation industries, and your independent sourcing Partner for Industrial Instruments needs.

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    Your independent sourcing Partner for Industrial Instruments

    With broad knowledge and experience in field measuring devices in multiple different Industries such as Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper & Pulp, Mining, Food, Dairy, Beverages, Energy, Power, HVAC, Building and Marine, we offer each and every Customers and End-Users the opportunity for “The All-Round look” into each of their Instrumentation application needs called – Package Solution Offering.

    Simply tell us your needs (requirement), we supply the suitable devices to meet the necessary specifications. This means that we do the hard work so that you can focus more on your productivity.

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    Some of our Package solution offering criteria are as follow:

    • Measuring, control, monitoring, consumption and billing
    • Solid, liquid, gases, interface
    • Electronics and Pneumatics Instruments
    • Multi-Vendor / Vendor independent – Interoperability
    • Multi-Sensing Technologies – In-line, direct, non-contact, etc.
    • Multi-Field/Sector/Industries
    • Area Classifications Standards, if applicable
    • Consultancy, Application, Design
    • Control loop optimization
    • Productivity Improvement
    • End-Users’ oriented